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Company online presence analysis and audit

We analyse your site with the aim of improving, adding and making it more attractive to customers.

Complete company analysis

We provide a comprehensive analysis of your site and your marketing campaigns. By understanding your strengths and pitfalls, we can maximize on your best assets and help you edge out your competitors.

You’ve done the hard part of creating a website, promoting your products, and pushing your brand. But without analysis, you will have a hard time improving and pushing your business to the next level. Allow us to build on the solid foundation that you’ve laid. We’ll audit your site and provide you with design recommendations, content marketing strategies and a plan that ensures growth and increased revenue for your company.

Effective Web Development Solutions

We work closely with you to create goals and objectives for your online marketing campaigns. With our wide range of industry-tested tools, accurate analysis of business, customers and your competitors, we provide you with solid steps and recommendations to improve your business and your site.

Ongoing performance strategy

We will provide you with current and relevant informant for you to continuously update and adapt your strategy to suit the market.

Maximize Your Strengths

We are able to maximize your strengths and use it to create projects that highlight the most attractive aspects of your business

Effective Web Development Solutions

We offer continuous analysis of your page, content, your competitor and the market. Additionally, we’ll create user profiles which makes it easier for you to understand your target demographics, their interests and the spending habits. Some of the features we have in our arsenal that makes us capable of providing a comprehensive analysis includes custom filters, automated tasks, event tracking, assisted conversions, visitor flow and many more services that your company might need.

Companies analyzed

Market analysis

Content auditing

Customer auditing

Event tracking

In-page analytics


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