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Weep No More Woman

The WEEP NO MORE WOMAN (WNMW) Foundation is a non-profit Christian NGO established to reach out to the lost, sick, deprived, elderly and marginalized women of society. Reverend Mrs. Boteng’s passion to work with women was born at the tender age of five when she witnessed a husband maltreating her wife. As she grew up, she continued seeing the deplorable conditions women suffer every day and felt a burning desire to help. Through much prayer and planning, God led her to create Weep No More Woman.

The vision, beyond helping women physically and emotionally, was also to help women spiritually by sharing the Gospel with them. Reverend Mrs Boateng strived to make Jesus the foundation of WNMW knowing that only Christ can heal the broken hearted and save the lost. By preaching Christ centred messages, WNMW reminds women that no matter where they come from, or what they are going through, God still loves them.