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Welcome to Tapdatgh, Smeam Global’s hottest lifestyle app to hit Ghana.

Tapdatgh knows all the great spots in town and we’re not only talking about the popular ones. Tapdatgh is dedicated to finding small businesses that nobody has ever heard of and giving them a voice. So we search for the small restaurants that serve the best waakye, the start-up fashion designer who has a unique yet exciting style, and the underground lounges that serve the best cocktails and know how to keep the party going.

We search every nook and cranny in Ghana for small and medium sized business that are the best at what they do and promote them on Tapdatgh. Why? Because greatness needs to be shared.

So when we say we put Accra at your fingertips, we mean it, literally. Anything you can dream of – parks, chop bars, bakeries, hostels – Tapdatgh has got it. You can now do more, explore more, and discover more. With Tapdatgh, you can enjoy the neighbourhood in hands.